2 thoughts on “Coming Soon

  1. Deno G

    Dear gentlemen nice podcast. I know you guys mainly talk about defense but as a whole do you think there is a team that can contain robert Griffin 3. Im a dallas fan but I don’t see a defense that can hold him that is if he doesn’t get injured again. I would like to hear your perspective.

  2. Alan Jackoway

    Hello. Thanks for the kind words about the podcast. I personally believe that defenses will be more prepared for RG3 and the other running quarterbacks this year than they were last year. It takes time for defensive coordinators to adjust their schemes for new attacks, and many coaching staffs have spent time talking to college coordinators who are used to dealing with running QBs.
    That said, having a quarterback that is a legitimate running threat like RG3 forces defenses to account for the QB in a way they would not have to against a traditional attack, which effectively removes a player from committing to pass defense or playing the run. I believe that the good defenses will find a way to contain but not stop players like RG3 by defending better against his runs (so that they stop them for fewer yards) while still maintaining acceptable pass coverage.
    Along with the rise of pass catching TEs, I believe this will drive defenses to prefer safeties who have solid coverage skills to those that are traditional run stoppers. Having a safety that can cover TEs allow the LBs in the scheme to stay forward against a running QB.

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