Impenetrable Fortress

About the Impenetrable Fortress:

The impenetrable Fortress is an inactive website and podcast devoted to IDP fantasy leagues.

Scoring and Format Assumptions:

Our rankings are designed for a 12-team IDP league that plays with the Pro Football Focus IDP Scoring System. If your league plays with a different number of players or format, you will need to adjust our rankings. Specifically, in formats that do not award as many points for non-tackle stats, linebackers should move up substantially.
Our rankings also assume that you must play the following positions:

  • 1 DT
  • 1 DE
  • 1 DL (DT or DE)
  • 3 LB
  • 2 CB
  • 2 S
  • 1 DP (any defensive player)

If your league requires more or less of certain positions, you must move the players up or down respectively. For example, if in your league you only use DL slots, many DTs should move down in the rankings.

Our IDP Experts and Their Biases

The Impenetrable Fortress is run by a few people, whose team allegiances are listed here. We do not pretend to be immune to rooting for our own teams or hating their divisional rivals.

Alan Jackoway

Alan is a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and Denver Broncos.

James Bonnell

James is a fan of the Washington Football Team.

Sarah Gonzalez

Sarah is a fan of the Miami Dolphins.